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DJ Khaled x Freeform | NFL Wild Card Game Halftime Performance
What better way to hype up halftime of the NFL Wild Card game on Freeform than DJ Khaled performing a mashup of his top hits? How about you throw in a special guest appearance by Fat Joe with his Grammy-nominated hit "All The Way Up". 
As part of The Walt Disney Company family, Freeform had a simulcast of the NFL Wild Card Game between the Ravens and Titans. This broadcast stood apart by featuring celebrities, actors, and entertainers from across the industry talking upcoming projects, experiences, and football. We amped up halftime by featuring DJ Khaled and Fat Joe performing from Club LIV in downtown Miami. 
I served as a producer and editor for the piece. We turned around this performance from shoot to delivery in 10 days. It was a really fun job and can't wait to get more into music videos in the future. 

Director: Ivan Berrios
DP: Ryan Snyder
Producer/Editor: Brad Ross
Producer: Jon Little
Production Company: BlakPro
Aerials: Antony Keane

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