ESPN has worked to establish itself as the premiere network for NFL coverage all year long. We don't want our fans to limit us to just the Monday Night Football brand, but rather showcase that we are your destination for all things football.
The NFL schedule release has become one of the biggest days in the offseason calendar due to the creative ways in which teams release their schedule to the fans. ESPN wanted to join in on the party so they came to us to reimagine some of the biggest stars in the league.
We partnered with Moonshot, a creative agency based in NYC, to illustrate the NFL's biggest stars into a cover graphic that pays homage to the viral team photos players take these days. Moonshot delivered the cover graphic as well as all the individual players. 
I served as a project producer as well as illustrating 3 of the 6 matchup graphics. These made a splash on social and helped drive the conversation among fans on ESPN's platforms.
Software used: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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