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Euro 2021...err 2020.
One of international soccer's biggest tournaments, Euro 2020 was a widely anticipated event after being delayed for a year due to the Covid pandemic. This was ESPN's first chance to stage an international soccer tournament since Fox took over World Cup coverage, so naturally we wanted to ensure it was far and away the best coverage possible. 
I had the pleasure of being the lead producer & editor for the entire Marketing creative team all tournament long. Growing up a soccer player, this was a dream event for me and one that I took a ton of pride in. 3 months of planning, ideation, & production culminated in an EPIC final between England and Italy at Wembley. 
Here are some examples of TV commercials that I produced & edited throughout the tournament. All told, I delivered a total of 12 different commercials during the event.
Above: Euro Final tease
Below: Portugal v France group stage topical // Belgium v Portugal round of 16 topical

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